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January 22nd @ Mercury Lounge

I was very tired when I wrote this last night… so I just added a few things…

I don’t know how many of you know this, but John and I moved to Philly. (Well… close to Philly.) He’s going to school and I’m doing my acupuncture thing and Kevin’s actually touring Europe right now with some Jazz dudes. So when we found out a couple of weeks ago that we were playing with The Queers at Mercury Lounge we found ourselves a Philly band!

John and I drove up last night to watch Trailer Park Boys (which is a whole nother story) and Karl and Rob drove in today. We actually rehearsed before hand at our old rehearsal space in the Lower East Side, (made famous by an episode of “Cheaters,”) then moseyed on over to San Loco for some very tasty and well deserved bean burritos. Then off to Mercury Lounge we went!

I gotta tell you, it was such an honor to play tonight with both The Apers and The Queers. They were FANTASTIC. We were on first, but that didn’t stop us from rocking everyone’s face off. The sound at Mercury is awesome and it was so nice not to hear “we couldn’t hear your vocals” all night after the show. Thank you Mercury sound guys! I screamed so loud I almost lost my voice, John rocked so hard he almost burst into flames, Rob played so fast that he almost tore people’s faces off, and Karl hit the drums so hard he almost broke his foot.

It was an old school set with lots of goodies that we haven’t played in a while, Stuck in My Head for one, and I gotta tell you it felt so good to play around so many wonderful people. Whenever I hang out with the pop punk kids in NYC I remember what it is I love about music- the fun, the energy, the excitement- and just the general good time that everyone seems to have. It’s not about being too cool, or too hip, or too whatever, it’s just about having fun and that’s what we all did.

Afterward Mark and Jacob and Andy and I all danced to The Apers (who are ADORABLE btw) and the room was so packed when The Queers were on that we couldn’t see the stage. Everyone was so sweet and so fun and so talented. It was just such an honor, like I said. I’m sorry, I’m just still in awe and can’t stop smiling. :)

Moments of note: not one but TWO people got bounced while I was up front by the merch table- one girl presumably for filming when they tell you it’s $250 to film. I’m guessing she didn’t pay, but I can’t confirm that. All I know is that she crashed into me as the bouncer grabbed her to throw her out and then was shouting that she wanted to talk to a manager, and that she was going back inside, and who knows what, all the way up until the police showed up. The other guy that got bounced was just for dancing a little too hard. No one likes a fist in their face… at least not in hip trendy Bowery Presents clubs… And the other sweet thing that happened was that Kevin from The Apers sang me a song. I was honored. Even though he was making fun of me (or so he said) it was so sweet and I appreciated every bit of it!

Thank you so much for coming out, to all our new friends and old, we had a BLAST and hope you did too. I don’t think I’ve had that much fun on stage since… well… also in a long time I guess. And thank you for filling my head with nice new associations for Mercury Lounge, instead of the sad, stale, old ones I had before.

Until next time!

Set List:
-Without You
-This Happens
-Consider Me Gone
-Stuck In My Head
-Sunshine (Screeching Weasel)
-Dance With Me
-Who We Are
-Try So Hard


I just wish you could see the inside of my brain right now. Or even my computer screen. It’s like thing after thing after thing after thing and then I remember for a second that none of it matters and my head starts to buzz and feel funny.

Do you remember when you used to wake up in the morning and things were just quiet and you had a second to just go with whatever happened at that moment- just follow it and see where it went and where it would take you. I was having one of those days this morning, but I got sucked into all this stuff that I’m now swimming my way out of and trying to remember my own advice to breathe.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I was outside today, on rare occasion, between my house and my neighbor’s and just for a second it started to rain. It was the lightest, softest, kindest rain I had felt in a million years. It was so barely raining that I feel bad even calling it rain. But the sky was this shade of bluish gray, and the light was so perfectly dim I felt like nothing was real, and the temperature dropped about 15 degrees and for a second, just for a second, I thought, “I live in paradise.”

I’ve been playing catch up lately. That and softball. I took August off to try to recoup and gear up for the fall and… I don’t want to say that I haven’t gotten anything done… but… let me put it this way a.) a band member’s job is never done, b.) no one ever gets everything done that they want to, and c.) parts of my room are almost clean, so at least there’s that. And the softball.

I started playing last month I think and I LOVE it. I haven’t played in forever and I completely forgot how at first, but it’s coming back. Slowly but surely. I even went to the batting cage Saturday and got a huge blister that subsequently ripped open on my middle finger from trying to remember how to hit. It was awesome though. Look out Wednesday’s team!

As far as Stewart goes we’ve been writing a ton of new songs, I almost feel bad continuing to call us Stewart because we’re so different from where we were when we started… but hey, it’s a fine name, right? A good American name. And how would you find us if I suddenly started calling us something else?

We’ve got some new shows coming up, a block party in my hometown on 9/11 (also, incidentally, my brother’s birthday,) and a benefit at Crash Mansion on 10/9. And a few more in the works that I am not at liberty to discuss at the moment, but they’re there. Believe me, they’re there. And I can’t wait to tell you about them, soon!

Alright, that’s all for now. I’m going to go back to listening to some music and digging myself out of this hole that is my bedroom. Until next time!

It’s 3AM…

And I’m sitting at home. In my bed. With my computer on my lap. I promised myself, PROMISED myself, that I would just do a couple of quick things and then go to bed and now it’s 3AM.

I had a really nice time tonight hanging out with my friends Jill and Geoff. We played dress up and got together a bunch of fun outfits for a photoshoot and I realized, or remembered, or maybe just enjoyed the fact that spending time with friends and being silly is just about the best thing that could ever happen in life.

I remember when Katie and Kate and Tracy and Cheryl and I would walk down to the pond by Kate’s house singing They Might Be Giants all in unison, laughing without a care in the world. We did so much back in those days- coffee houses, camping, running around on golf courses in the middle of the night through sprinklers, and all of that without money, without drugs, without drinking, just with the simple pleasure of each others company and the idea that this moment, right now, was all that really mattered.

It’s easy to get lost and feel hopeless and get bogged down with everything there is to do in a day. Everything that you HAVE to do and even everything you want to do- but, I can’t help thinking about all the little things in my life that I’m so happy for and how all of those little things are really related to the people I love and have loved in this lifetime.

I miss everybody. And I think about you guys more than you can know. For the good times and the bad, I am and always will be forever grateful.

July 7th @ World Cafe Live

First of all- I’m so sorry to everyone who came out and had to leave. I don’t really want to talk about that part, but thank you to everybody who stayed, thank you to everybody who came and couldn’t stay, and thank you to all our friends and family just for being so awesome. We love you all!

Second of all- other than going on at 10:20PM instead of 8PM, last night was pretty awesome. :)

We don’t have a permanent bass player. We haven’t in a long time. We have a lot of bass players that we prefer working with (Jim who is on our new album KICKS, Chris who is just awesome, Ray better known as “the dude with the 6 string bass.”) But tonight we played in Philly and all our regular bass players are in New York so we had to find someone new. That someone was Carter Fox. Yes, say it with me folks, Carter Fox. Because we had never met or played with Carter before, I set up a rehearsal in West Philly earlier that day not too far from the club itself.

Now, as some of you may or may not know I am a huge fan of The Dead Milkmen. A huge, ridiculous, die hard fan of The Dead Milkmen. The Dead Milkmen are an 80’s punk band from Philadelphia that everyone in Philadelphia seems to know about but no one (or very few people) from everywhere else seem to know about.

So get THIS: I found this rehearsal space on Craig’s list that was actually a recording studio. We show up that afternoon and we’re setting up and the engineer/owner guy says something about a “punk rock girl” and I said, “I love being in a city where people know what that means” (“Punk Rock Girl” is probably The Dead Milkmen’s only “hit”. That and “Bitchin’ Camaro”) Anyway, so then he says, “You know they recorded here.”


Turns out yesterday I practiced in the recording studio, THE recording studio where The Dead Milkmen recorded their first two albums, “Big Lizard in My Backyard” and “Eat Your Paisley”.

Now… that probably isn’t really a big deal to anybody but me, but honestly, that was a pretty big deal. It didn’t really hit me until later, but now I am PSYCHED! :)

Anyway- World Cafe Live. This place is AWESOME. We played upstairs and the sound is great, the bar is really nice, my pomegranate martini (thank you Jaime!) was awesome- all in all everything necessary for a great show. And the best part about it was that I was surrounded by people I love. Matt and the gang were front and center and we had a blast listening to the band before us. (“Rock and roll!”) All the girls from work were dancing in the back (thank you ladies!) And my mom, aunt Louise, and mom’s friend Sam were all quietly supporting from the side.

Again, thank you so much to everybody who came out. I’m sorry I was in such a funk, but thanks for helping drag me out of it! Nothing like good friends, good conversation and a little alcohol to make even the most stressful times feel like a breeze. I ended up having a blast and I hope you all did too!

Set List:
-Consider Me Gone
-Ride the Wave
-Same to You
-My Name is Jonas
-Dance With Me
-Who We Are (Dance Remix)

ps- Dear super cute guy at the bar who knew all the words to all of our songs- I heart you. I wanted to come find you afterward to tell you how much I heart you, but you disappeared like an angel, so instead I have to reach out into cyber space and heart you here. So much heart. ;) Thank you!

Shakefire reviews KICKS!

Originally posted by Ryan Sterritt of…

Based around Brooklyn, New York, pop-punks Stewart aim to surprise you with their joyous presentation of everyday disappointments. With their new album release, Kicks, comes a sound that is similar but all-too-different from what you’re used to. Guitars handing out ear-catching melodies, smooth vocals in the form of lead singer Andrea Tarka and lyrics referring to everything from Lost to a man named Mr. Awesome. All of these and more can be found on Stewart’s first full-length, Kicks.

One thing that is entirely noticeable about Stewart is the idea of singing upbeat songs about emotional times. It’s a simple concept that catches you off-guard. It’s not enough to blow your mind and have you confessing your love for the Brooklyn residents but it still turns a light bulb or two on. Maybe it’s acceptance Andrea Tarka aims for. Although, the idea of irony in musical comprehension is pretty exciting. In no way is it a new idea, but it’s definitely a rare one. In the beginning of “Ride The Wave”, Andrea proudly claims “I’m so happy”. At first, it’s believable. That is, until she begins explaining why she should be happy, and it becomes apparent that she really shouldn’t be content with her situation. This is a prime example of the great trick Stewart pulls on their audience.

Aside from the lyrics, not much more stands out as something by itself. And this is where Stewart finds it poison. Relying on the idea of female vocals over happy guitars is simply too insignificant to carry a band. While the praise I have given on the lyrics are 100% meant, it seems that the writers ( Mostly Andrea, although band members Kevin Cerovich and Jim Behrle each contributed a song on Kicks) never found their footing. They’d move from 7 tracks of heartbreak and then sing about a man named Mr. Awesome and the power of yourself. The songs by themselves are great representations of the band, but as an album they don’t compliment each other. Something just seems to be missing.

But until the missing part is found, Stewart has plenty of hooks and jolly forms of disaster to please the ear buds and contribute a number of plays on your iTunes counter. Kicks can be purchased on Stewart’s website. Be sure to catch them on their tour to World Cafe Live on July 7th in Philadelphia, Pa. Hopefully one day, Stewart will find themselves on tour with the likes of The Aquabats or Reel Big Fish.

Original article can be found here:

Purchase your advance Philly tickets!

If you haven’t already, please purchase your tickets for the full band show at the World Cafe Live on Wednesday, July 7th. I have to sell 25 tickets before they will let me set the time of the show, so if you can go, please buy tickets now. Also, they are significantly cheaper if you buy them in advance. :)

Here is the link:

And the details:

July 7th, 2010
Time TBD

World Cafe Live (Upstairs)
2025 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
$9 in advance / $15 at the door

If you can make it please let me know what time would be best for you so that I can make it convenient for everyone. I’ll post the showtime as soon as I get it.

Thanks everyone!